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Accurise Reviews

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  • Very Confussed?!

    Accurise deleted 7 items off of my credit report, but my score only jumped by 15 points!! What gives?! hOW can the credit buraesu get away with this?~ I am really upset right now. Accurise did what they said they would by deleting items, but the credit bureaus are definitely screwing me over! Even the people at Accurise said they’re surprised that my score didn’t jump more with the deletions I achieved. I can’t believe this. I want to punch someone in the buraeuss in the face…Maybe I need another drink or twio so I can setle down. Accurise did their jobs…why... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    AngryManStan's Picture   AngryManStan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blues no Clues

    My credit is god awful thanks to a bankruptcy and foreclosure whic h occurred a couple of years ago. I feel there is no hope at times. Accurise put in a valliant effort to fix my creidt, but tehy were unable to succeed. I only had a few negative items, but they were serverely dropping my score. It is not their fault. Fortunately, after a certain amount of time, they agreed to refundd me my money back as they promised me they would. Customer service was fantastic and very responsive. Hopefully you have better luck and they can do more for you than they did for me... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Everyone is Different

    Yes accurise did kinda scam me because I was not told about the 79.99 monthly fee (X2 for me) So without knowing it I get an email from my bank saying my account has been over drafted. Well I called and had everything explained to me because whoever I talked to the first time didnt tell me about this fee. I decided to stick it out. I signed up in Feb and its now July. They have only repaired 2 items on my credit but have deleated over 25% on my husbands credit. Hes credit used to be worse than mine, and now its better. Makes no since to me. All I can say is Ive already but so so much... More...
    jhubert's Picture   jhubert    2 Comments   Comments

    Accurise have been trying really hard to help.So far to items have been removed. My credit score still the same. I used another company once and the same results.My biggest problem is getting charge off removed and late pay luck at all. I'm at the point where I'm getting hopeless and feeling like giving up. If anyone out there have had the stubborn items removed, please motivate me to keep going! More...
    christinea26's Picture   christinea26    0 Comments   Comments


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