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TODAY NOVEMBER 21, 2011- I write: It is my personal experience that ACCURISE is a SCAM. Sad to say I am a VICTIM. They promise you an increase in score by the 60th day. However, my score remains the same after 80 days and counting. The company allegedly claims (proof of a bogus website) that they sent out dispute letters. However, 80 days later, I have still yet to receive any feedback in the mail (as it’s the case when you are disputing). I signed with them almost three months ago, and since then, I have not been successful in reaching anyone by text or by phone, but funny how they were so readily available by both prior to taking my money. To add insult to injury, they charge you not only for your credit report $59.00 (which they claim is different from the free one we can get @, but they charge you for the “repair Service” (which should be called “Rip off Service”) which is $400.00, they also automatically debit your account $89.00 for “CONTINUOUS SERVICE”, are you &%$#& kidding me? Not only is that fee of $89.00 none refundable, but they don’t even give you an option to OPT OUT of the CONTINUOUS SERVICE, as they already have your debit card number and you can’t reach them to cancel. They do however; maintain that you can receive a full refund if you do not see an increase in your credit score. But saying and doing what you are claiming are two different things, an attempt proved quite fruitless as my concerns have not been addressed since once again I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone. I am now faced with placing a fraud alert on my credit report, as well as changing my account. It may seem to some that I should have known better, and I agree. But in today’s economy credit is a major factor in obtaining anything these days and desperation comes into play, and companies such as ACCURISE will feed on that and take you for a ride…..literally!!!!. If I would have attempted to do this myself, I would have saved me time, money, aggravation and the risk of identity theft which seems to be a PROBLEM for me now , as they request a copy of your license and a bill upon electronically signing the so called “bogus agreement”. Be advised that I am not an employee nor am I a disgruntled customer; I am a VICTIM of their SCAM!!!!! If you are reading this, please stay clear!!

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